PROTEKTO offers the First of its Kind in India – Silicone Coating Product for Waterproofing.

With High Solid content Silicone coatings from EVERROOF USA now available in India, the Waterproofing comes Easy & Economical. The only Single component Brush applied product system that offers the TRIPLE benefits of Waterproofing, Cool-Roof, and Restoration of an existing roof with matured APP, EPDM, TPO on concrete or any Sloping roofs – is most suited for the light traffic roofs.

EVERROOF also offers the brush applied single component Urethanes and Aliphatic top coats for the more robust trafficable roofs.

With the EVERROOF products now available in India through PROTEKTO, Waterproofing comes Easy & Economical . We offer the products EVERROOF in the D.I.Y. as well as the contractor packs.

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